Elena Werner helps English-to-Russian translators gain a deeper understanding of translation theory, master its practical applications and feel more confident about their work

Elena Bogdanovich Werner, Ph.D., has more than 30 years’ experience teaching translation and interpretation.

Elena is currently a provider of translation, proofreading and editing services for a number of translation agencies in the Pacific Northwest, and works with clients throughout the US and Russia. She is a former Administrator of the Slavic Languages Division.

Elena has been an ATA certified English>Russian translator since 2004 and has worked as a certified court interpreter for the states of Oregon and Washington for 19 years. Additionally, she teaches Russian on the college level and provides private language training services to the Oregon Judicial Department and translators and interpreters seeking certifications of various kinds.

Elena has been ATA-certified (En>Ru) since 2004. She has been teaching translation and interpretation for more than 30 years. This will be the third run of her course for English to Russian translators
Elena has been ATA-certified (En>Ru) since 2004.
She has been teaching translation and
interpretation for more than 30 years.

Do not rely on feedback from translation assignments and test projects to improve your work. Instead, get the practical skills and theoretical knowledge that will help you produce high-quality translations

In 2016, Elena Werner started offering her ATA Certification Exam Preparation Course to help motivated translators achieve their career goals

However, it soon became clear that the course attracted not only experienced translators interested in mastering advanced techniques that would help them pass the challenging ATA English-to-Russian certification examination.

Practicing interpreters were also looking for a course that would give them practical English-to-Russian translation skills and help them quickly acquire translation clients.

This is why there will be two course tracks starting this November

Advanced Translation Theory and Practice


This is a course designed for working translators who aspire to gain a deeper understanding of translation theory and its implementation in the English-to-Russian translation process.


The students will learn to make educated choices and use specific transformations to produce translations that are fluent, flowing and read as if they were written in Russian.


The goal of this track is to help students master advanced translation techniques so that they will be better positioned to sign on with and retain discriminating agencies and direct clients.

The Basics of Translation Theory and Practice 101


This is a course for beginning translators and interpreters interested in exploring translation as an additional source of income.


This course will teach students the fundamentals of translation theory and give them the practical tools they need to work as translators.


The goal of the track is to give beginning translators a set of basic skills that may help them start attracting a steady flow of translation projects.

Elena will start accepting applications in September. The application process will include a placement test.

To make sure that each of the participants receives personal feedback, each track will be capped at 7 students. The times and days of classes will be determined by the participants.

In October, Elena will host a Q&A session, where she’ll answer questions from translators and interpreters interested in participating.

Get exclusive early access to course information and a guaranteed spot in one of the tracks

If you sign up before September 1, you will get a free review of your placement test, even if you decide not to sign up for the course

Subscribing to get notifications does not obligate you to register for either of the tracks. You can unsubscribe from updates at any time.

I am paying more attention to details in written texts in both languages. I am more confident in my own abilities and have a network of colleagues to work with

Svetlana Ruth, Certified Medical Interpreter – Russian (NBCMI and OHA) and a Licensed Interpreter Trainer, OSTI Secretary (09/2016-12/2018)

This course was very beneficial for my professional development. I enjoyed teaching style of this instructor and constructive feedback of the group. THANK YOU!

Alla Allen, En<>Ru and En>Uk translator and interpreter, working as a translator since 2008


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