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Become En>Ru ATA-certified in 2018

Prove your competence. Open doors to new
opportunities. Charge higher rates

Prepare for the ATA Certification Examination from
English into Russian with Elena Bogdanovich Werner.

Elena has been an ATA-certified English>Russian translator since 2004.
She has over 30 years’ experience teaching translation and
interpretation courses and seminars in Russia and the USA.

On March 21, she’ll be opening her second run of the ATA certification preparation course.

“It was a great class and I am very thankful to you, Elena, for teaching it! It is exactly what I wanted to participate in for many years — a class for Russian translators/interpreters. There are so many things to discuss and to learn in a class like that!  Again, thank you so much for your initiative, time and knowledge!”

Svetlana Kupriyanova

It is common knowledge that the ATA certification examination is hard to pass. According to Geoffrey S. Koby’s article Additional Data on ATA Certification Pass Rates: Certification Pass Rates 2003–2013, 2004–2014, and Statistical Trends, the En>Ru ATA certification exam pass rate between 20042014 was just 15.23%.

However, this data relates to the old examination format that had A, B and C passages.

Since 2017, all of the passages have contained general content. As Mercedes De la Rosa-Sherman clarified in her article Upcoming Changes to ATA’s Certification Program for The ATA Chronicle, the ATA made this change because “general passages are a better tool to measure core translation competence”.

According to the Certification Examination overview published on the ATA website:

“At the ATA Certification exam, candidates are expected to show that they understand the examination passage’s content and purpose, can successfully implement a variety of translation strategies, and produce texts that flow smoothly, contain few errors and are usable for the purpose specified in the instructions”

What does this mean for translators interested in taking an ATA certification exam?
A solid grasp of translation strategies and techniques is now of even greater importance.

Learn the translation skills and techniques
necessary to pass the ATA Certification Examination

Elena Bogdanovich Werner, Ph.D., has more than 30 years’ experience teaching translation and interpretation.

Elena is currently a provider of translation, proofreading and editing services for a number of translation agencies in the Pacific Northwest, and works with clients throughout the US and Russia. She is a former Administrator of the Slavic Languages Division.

Elena has been an ATA certified English>Russian translator since 2004 and has worked as a certified court interpreter for the states of Oregon and Washington for 19 years. Additionally, she teaches Russian on the college level and provides private language training services to the Oregon Judicial Department and translators and interpreters seeking certifications of various kinds.

Elena has been ATA-certified (En>Ru) since 2004.
She has been teaching translation and
interpretation for more than 30 years.
  • Master basic English to Russian translation techniques
  • Learn how to resolve typical translation difficulties
  • Enhance your understanding of Russian language norms
  • Practice translating complex texts in a small group
  • Learn from an ATA-certified instructor with 30+ years of experience
  • Produce translations that sound authentic and stay true to the original
  • Make sure that your Russian texts flow naturally and read well

English to Russian ATA Certification Training Course

This 45-hour online course runs from March 21 to August 22 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PST) every Wednesday.

It is designed to help you overcome common translation challenges and stop making easily avoidable mistakes.

The course program includes:

  • The translation theory you’ll need to make correct translation choices within the examination framework
  • Exercises designed to help you master specific translation skills
  • 2 practice sessions where you will translate exam-length texts
  • A mock exam where you will try your hand at translating a text in conditions similar to those of a computerized ATA examination.

In only 22 weeks — less than 5 months — you will learn a wide variety of strategies, techniques and methods that will help you confidently approach any ATA exam passage.


Master the tools of a competent translator

Introductory module

An overview of translation and editing processes, links to useful resources, and an introduction to translation methods and techniques.

Common En>Ru translation challenges

Actionable, specific advice on what to do in situations when a direct translation into Russian is not possible.

Learn what to do if you can’t find a word in a dictionary, how to render phrases that do not have a direct equivalent in Russian, or how to translate grammatical categories that only exist in English.

An in-depth look at common translation techniques

Find out when and when not to use a wide variety of common translation techniques, from antonymic translation to conceptual shift and explanatory translation.

Understanding the English text as a whole

Learn to analyze exam passages. Get tips on how to ensure that your translation into Russian retains the flow of the original. Master techniques for achieving emotive and emphatic equivalency in Russian.

This module is especially useful if you do not frequently work on texts that are emotionally charged, contain stylistic references or where an author has a distinctive point of view, such as essays or commentary-like articles.

Finally, learn how to deal with cultural references in translation.

Practice module

Practice your new skills, first without any time limitations, and then in exam-like conditions.

If you realize that gaps in your knowledge of translation theory and techniques are holding you back…
If you catch yourself trying to guess what graders might want to see…
If you are willing to invest at least 6 hours a week for 22 weeks into becoming a more skillful translator…
If you are determined to pass the ATA Certification Examination from English into Russian in 2018…


…then this course is for you.


“I am paying more attention to details in written texts in both languages. I am more confident in my own abilities and have a network of colleagues to work with.”
Svetlana Ruth


“This course was very beneficial for my professional development. I enjoyed teaching style of this instructor and constructive feedback of the group. THANK YOU!”
Alla Allen

Will this be the year when you pass the En>Ru ATA
Certification Examination?

Register now for the English to Russian ATA Certification Examination Training Course

Join the course if you are ready to charge higher rates and start growing your translation business this year.

Monthly payments
For 5 months

Regular price
225 USD

ATA, NOTIS, OSTI members
200 USD

A single payment

Regular price
1000 USD

ATA, NOTIS, OSTI members
825 USD

Choose your payment method after you fill out the registration form. You can pay by check or online by PayPal. If you decide to pay by check, please note that you can access the course materials as soon as your payment is received.
Elena will only run this course once this year.
Can you afford to wait until 2019 to drastically improve your translation skills?
The registration deadline for the course is Monday, March 19.


How is the course organized?

We’ll be using the Zoom video conferencing platform ( for the sessions.

Course materials will be posted on the website in advance, several days prior to the class. You’ll get access to the materials after your payment is received.

How much homework will I have?

Homework assignments should take 2‒3 hours each week.

In addition to weekly assignments, each participant will prepare a presentation on one of the topics related to Russian language norms.

What happens if I miss a session?

If you know that you won’t be able to attend a session, you can request that the session be recorded. Otherwise no session recordings will be made.

Will I continue to have access to the materials after the course is over?

No, but the materials can be provided to you on request.

What if I decide that this course is not for me?

The course fees are non-refundable, so if you are not certain that this course is right for you, reach out to Elena (


Depending on the payment schedule the student selects, the first installment or the full fee for the course must be paid by March 21 (for students who select payment by installments: remaining installments have to be paid by the 15th of every month until the course fee is paid in full).

Upon receipt of payment, the students will be granted access to the course materials.

Issues concerning late payments must be resolved with Elena on a case-to-case basis. The absolute deadline for receiving the initial (or full) payment is March 22.


If a student fails to make timely payments, their access to the course and all related course materials will be revoked.

Checks should be mailed to the following address: Elena’s Language Services, 6901 SE Oaks Park Way #9, Portland, OR 97202.

Alternatively, payments can be easily sent by PayPal.

All fees are non-refundable.

Elena’s Language Services does not guarantee that you will pass the ATA En>Ru certification exam upon completion of the English to Russian ATA Certification Training Course.
While the course provides an overview of the necessary translation theory and helps you improve your translation skills, your success or failure at the ATA examination will depend on a number of factors beyond Elena’s control (from the difficulty of the examination texts to your ability to perform under stressful conditions). The ATA maintains the position that the certification exam is not intended for novice translators and it is up to each student to determine if their past experience and training suffices in order to fully benefit from Elena’s ATA Certification Training Course.


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